WWF Chimpanzee - Bon Ton Toys
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The WWF plush collection is a wide range of lifelike supersoft plush toys, especially designed for the world wide fund for nature - WWF.

For every plush sold a donation is made to your local WWF office to support their conservation efforts. All WWF soft toys are handmade, with only the best materials and contain 100% recycled PET filling.
100% recycled
WWF PLUSH - ECO 100% Recycled Range
One of the latest categories for the WWF Classic Plush collection! Available in multiple iconic animals, softer than ever before.

All items are made of 100% Recycled PET, inside and out!

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WWF Cub Club
WWF Cub Club
After more than 25 years of success of the WWF Plush “Classic” Collection, we felt the need to extend the realistic plush collection with an imaginative and on-trend product line. WWF Cub Club was created with the goal of shaping a better world for all babies & toddlers.

We call them “The Club”.

The collection is made from the softest materials available and is, with its 100% recycled stuffing, the most eco-friendly and ethically produced plush in the world.

For every plush sold, a donation is made to WWF (in country of sales) to support local WWF conservation efforts.