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A curated collection of amazing cats & dogs, categorized in 5 different themes. That will grow over time! Think of teddy bears & farm animals.

B.T. - that’s right, for “Bon Ton” - Chaps is the new plush brand you never knew you needed.
The Story
A long time ago, all the way back in 1933 to be exact, our story began.

We were just a few chaps back then, but we took great pride in being the best chaps we could be. With the shiniest fur, sturdiest bodies and softest paws. Almost a hundred years later, that hasn't changed one bit.

We may look a little different, dress a little swankier and have grown a little in numbers, but in our hearts we're still those same sweet chaps that mean nothing but good.
The Travellers
The Travellers
Let's roam the earth and sail the seas!
Together we'll discover the world.
Meet me in the morning?

Meet Eddie the Siamese, Freddy the British Shorthair, Bertha the American Bulldog, and Stacy the Labdradoodle. Give the gift of a snuggly surprise with our travellers in a gift box.