for life!
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B.T. - that’s right, for “Bon Ton” - Chaps is a happy & cheeky plush brand with a strong focus on durability.

All items are made of carefully selected materials, are hand made and always contain 100% recycled PET filling.

The B.T. Chaps plush animals are made to love & last for generations. You’ll have a friend for life!
The Story
A long time ago, all the way back in 1933 to be exact, our story began.

We were just a few chaps back then, but we took great pride in being the best chaps we could be. With the shiniest fur, sturdiest bodies and softest paws. Almost a hundred years later, that hasn't changed one bit.

We may look a little different, dress a little swankier and have grown a little in numbers, but in our hearts we're still those same sweet chaps that mean nothing but good.

All lovely Chaps are ethically produced, handmade and always have 100% recycled PET filling!
The Bears
Meet B.T. Chaps' The Bears Collection
Crafted with great love and attention, we’d like to introduce you to the The Bears.

Beryl, Edith, Henry, Frederick, Gus, Myrtle, Norman & Walter are more than a plush teddy bear; they're your new lifelong friend!
They have the cuddliest fur and softest paws and are ready to accompany you through every hug and adventure.

Are you ready to find a new Chap for life?
The Pets
The Pets
Dolly the Ragdoll, Stacy the Labradoodle, Herman the St. Bernard, Franny the Poodle and their friends are not just any collection of dogs and cats. Discover the happy B.T. Chaps pets, each with their own cheeky personality.

So, Are you ready to find your new best friend for life?
The Fairytales
The Fairytales
B.T. Chaps reveals a magical new chapter:

A merry group of whimsical characters who roam their world with boundless curiosity and joy. And with a little bag of pixie dust, they fearlessly dive into the craziest adventures. Care to come along?

Time to meet Fairy Mathilda, Celeste, Felicity, and Dolores!