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Bon Ton Toys
Bon Ton Toys is an internationally renowned supplier of high-quality durable plush. Founded in 1933 Bon Ton Toys distributes to gift and premium retail in over 50 countries worldwide..

Our toys meet the very highest quality, safety and regulatory standards.

Next to our brand portfolio Bon Ton Toys also produces high quality custom made products for a wide range of retailers, event parks and corporates.
Saving the planet.

Clearly the responsibility of superheroes and caped crusaders.

Surely not of the people. And definitely not of plush manufacturers.

Yet here we are...
Soft-toy producers on a mission.

A mission to bring children happiness, protect their future and educate them about the world we’re out to preserve.

Long before climate change was real, and sustainability was even a word, we were putting smiles on faces. With premium plush animals, made with the highest regard for nature. It’s the ways of our past that make us fit to fight for our future.

Eighty-five years down the road, we still do what we can. And every day we strive to do more.

Because you don’t need superpowers to make a difference.
Durable plush
Ethical production
Our factories are certified by the ethical supply chain program for toys and children’s products. ICTI is committed to build better lives for workers and stonier industry through the ethical production of toys by working with 9 standards.

  • Working hours must not be excessive & overtime must be voluntary

  • Legal and fair pay

  • No child labor

  • No forced or involuntary labor

  • No discrimination

  • Employees must be treated with dignity and respect

  • Employees’ right of association must be observed

  • Individual written labor contracts must be provided

  • Working conditions are safe and employee health is not endangered

"Because you don't need superpowers
to make a difference"