Snail Sandy Beige

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In a magical world, not far from ours, live the wise and happy creatures of Picca Loulou. Together with their friend Moon, they bring joy & happiness to children all around. The happy and quirky Picca Loulou characters are designed to help stimulate your little one's creativity and are the perfect gift and nursery decoration.

<span id="WEBEXT">Meet Snail Sandy, and her clumsy character.</span> "Oops! I did it again!" Little Sandy here may, or may not, have eaten a little bit too much lettuce from the veggie patch. Will she leave enough for her friends?

The Picca Loulou plush & lifestyle collection is made by Bon Ton Toys. All items are handmade, always contain 100% recycled PET filling and are manufactured according to the highest standards when it comes to ethical and environmental friendly production.
Brown, Green
Cotton/polyester blend outer fabric, with 100% recycled PET filling
Care label
Hand wash
12 cm - 5"