Giraffe GIANT

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Did you know that the spots on a giraffe's fur change color while they age? It starts when they're 7 or 8 years old and will continue until they're about ten. That's when the spots become a beautiful dark brown. How many spots do you think this plush giraffe has?

The WWF Plush Collection by Bon Ton Toys is a wide range of durable, life-like plush animals especially designed for The World Wide Fund for Nature. All plush animals are handmade, contain 100% recycled PET filling and are manufactured according to the highest standards when it comes to child safety and ethical production.

For every plush sold, a donation is made to WWF.

Suitable from 36+ months
Brown, Cream
100% recycled PET filling, Polyester outer fabric
Care label
Hand wash
75 cm - 29.5”